how to decorate a living room wall

Beautiful Living Room Wall Decals

In decorating your living room, you can actually start from the wall first. The wall can really represent your best quality of living room appearance. It can be so much perfect for those who look for the simplicity within their house. The wall decals should be simple and also prominent for any of you. Besides the living room wall decals, it can be applied as well for other part of […]

leather living room furniture

Typical colors with special features

Having an idea in the living room creates a different but still feels comfortable is not an easy idea, but it is also not a difficult thing. Why is that, because of the application of the idea that we want to pour it requires special attention to make it happen. So the idea that poured integrated between room decorations, furniture, and accessories used. Sometimes, that makes the application of the […]

modern living room design

Make living room with a simple and minimalist

There are several things to consider in designing how to design a living room to make it look more spacious and comfortable. In setting up chairs, tables, and ornaments, there are some things that need to be noticed, such as choosing what color desired in the use of the color wall paint living room. And some ornaments are attached to the living room such as, calendar, calligraphy drawings, photographs and […]

wall decorations for living rooms

Decorating Living Room with Mirrors

Mirrors are often preferred to become decorating living room walls. If you pay attention about the quality of your living room, you need to present it with appealing living room too. It should be comfortable and also beautiful. A simple idea is by including mirror for the living room. It can suit as well with other decoration including lamps and paintings. There are many different ideas which you can include […]

formal living room drapes

Selecting Living Room Drapes

It is no doubt that living room drapes become so much useful recently. People also often call it as curtains. Whatever it is, it doesn’t really matter anymore. The problem is when people need to choose or select the best and most suitable drapes for them. If you have the problem in selecting the one, you need to consider mostly about the function first. Usually people use it as the […]

country living room furniture sets

Country Living Room Guide

What do you know about country living room furniture? The benefit about the furniture is to make the home looking good. The main function of such country living room theme is to make the improvement in the aspect for country living style. If you have no experience at all in getting the country living room style, you need to read more here especially about the shopping guide. It is designed […]