chaise chairs for living room

Lounge Chairs for Living Room

Make your living room more comfort by adding lounge chairs for living room. This will perfect when you want to enjoy your time in your living room. The cozy lounge for your living room will make you rest and relax when you are seating at it.  The leather lounge chair that added with stainless steel leg and frame will great for modern residential. If you want to have more relax […]

country living room ideas decorating

Comfortable Country Living Room Decorating Ideas

Country living room decorating ideas can create a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in your living room. There are a lot of things that you can do to bring the country look in the living room. One thing you have to keep in mind that country living room decorating ideas always keep natural elements as the key point. The natural materials are such as wood furniture, cotton textiles, and iron. […]

modern elegant living room

How to Apply Simple but Elegant Living Rooms

In Europe, the design of elegant living rooms is very important to have. When you have elegant appearance of living room, you will be able to feel happy and joyful with it. Some people also say that elegant living room is part of best appearance house. It is indeed because living room is the first room that will be looked by many people when you are having it. After you […]

family room layout

Tips on Creating Living Room Layouts

Finding out the way to layout your living room sometimes can be stressful and confusing. What you imagine turns out to be something you don’t expect. However, you now can relieve for a little while since there are some fundamental rules we’re going to tell you about living room layouts. The first thing you need to do is creating conversation space. Seating area with U-shaped is considered to be the […]

small living room furniture

Typical colors with special features

Having an idea in the living room creates a different but still feels comfortable is not an easy idea, but it is also not a difficult thing. Why is that, because of the application of the idea that we want to pour it requires special attention to make it happen. So the idea that poured integrated between room decorations, furniture, and accessories used. Sometimes, that makes the application of the […]

design ideas for living room

Make living room with a simple and minimalist

There are several things to consider in designing how to design a living room to make it look more spacious and comfortable. In setting up chairs, tables, and ornaments, there are some things that need to be noticed, such as choosing what color desired in the use of the color wall paint living room. And some ornaments are attached to the living room such as, calendar, calligraphy drawings, photographs and […]